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During the period of October 3-6 the traditional exhibition of networking and communication techniques "Internetcom-2000" took place at the Moscow Expocenter. CIPDS (Center of Information Support) was taking part in this exhibition as usual. There were several tasks CIPDS faced with. First was to demonstrate the good results of our Project to a wide public. Second was to take part in the seminars and to meet the representatives of the same-level projects (i.e. "Rambler"). Working at the exhibition we got a lot of impressions and we would like to give the benefit of our experience to our readers (mainly to those who had no possibility to attend).
The exhibition took place in the "one and a half" pavilions: half of the small "Third" pavilion and the entire "Forum" pavilion. Despite the information from organizers (that only computer field specialists who had the invitations could be adopted) every adult could buy the ticket for the price of 50 rubles (approx. $2,- US) and fill the invitation form at the registration desk. Nevertheless there were not a lot of visitors at the exhibition. It is a pity tendency: each year the number of exhibitors becomes less and less. Also the expert's and press interests in this kind of exhibition are also going down.
Komsomolskaya Pravda
The exhibit rack of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" daily
There was almost nothing to see at the "Third" exhibition pavilion. Few publishing houses and journal editorial companies were mainly presented there. Most of them have very little to do with the exhibition topic. Several Russian companies specialized in fiber optic communications techniques were located at the pavilion corner.
Most of the visitors were spending their time at the "Business Online" magazine rack, where the safe lottery took place. Free "Business Online" one-year subscription, Internet-cards (from various ISPs), sets of magazines were among the lottery prizes. Unfortunately the main prize - optical character recognition software tool "Fine Reader 5.0" - has not been won by our company. That's a pity, now we will better do without recognition.
It was extremely hot in the "Forum" pavilion. To avoid the thermal shock danger I was forced to take off my weatherproof jacket (see photo). At the same time most of the visitors preferred not to check in their coats and hats and were walking backward and forward being dressed too warm. Probably it was most impossibly hot to the Rambler-robot who was milling about in the pavilion. He drumed up everybody to visit the central part of the building where the rack of Rambler company was situated. All our crew went there immediately.

Internetcom-2000. Olezhka II
"Forum" pavilion. Amphitheatre.
We were not lucky trying to visit the Rambler that day: we have got to the real show performed by the well known Internet Service Provider "MTU-Inform". There were many people near its exhibition rack, much more than at "3-Com" company celebrating some kind of anniversary. People there could have champagne and unknown appetizers that was impossible to identify well enough from outside the crowd. The MTU employees organized the wonderful quiz program containing many questions about MTU history and technical achievements. Also they announced the plan to present $500,- US (probably they have already done it) to person who was lucky to purchase the MTU internet card number 1,000,000. There was a lot of music and fun. The company invited the real Obraztsov Puppet theatre that showed the fragments of well known "Unusual Concert" (see left photo). The conferencier's remarks were surely devoted to MTU-Inform achievements. And those achievements are really valuable by the way! Where else you can find a provider with the almost 3000-lines modem pool! Between the acts, when conferencier was enjoying a rest (see right photo), people could have a chance to test the quality of MTU Internet channels (using special terminals placed at users disposal).
Edward Oblomovich performing      
            Edward Oblomovich resting ->

As is customary, there were various competitions among the exhibitioners. I am pleased to say that the prize "The most kindly company, presented at the exhibition" (prize was established by the Microsoft chiefs) was awarded to us - "The CIPDS Company Groups". Thanks, we will meet their expectations! Meantime, the Expocenter leaders did not forget the Microsoft itself: the company was presented with award "The most silent and unnoticeable company at the exhibition". It should mentioned that their "unnoticeable rack" A351 occupied the notably considerable area at the "Forum" pavilion.
We have established our own prize as well. It was called "The most yellow exhibition rack" and represented the new gift edition of the Olezhka II book "Secrets of Australia" (in Russian). After the long dispute we decided to present this award to 1C software development company (products for home and office). The prize was handed by the chief of CIPDS content-group (see left photo).
It was very interesting to watch the unusual amusement from the RosBusinessConsulting company (RBC, online political and economical news agency). They installed the real crane at the exhibition rack! Every visitor could be lifted up almost to the pavilion ceiling. Our correspondent, who tried the crane (see right photo; move the mouse pointer to enlarge the view), said that almost all the exhibition participants' racks were clearly visible from the top.
CIPDS prize for 1C company
Yakov Content (CIPDS) presenting the prize - Gift-book by Olezhka II - to the 1C representative
At the RBC crane
The RBC crane at the exhibition
(move the mouse pointer over to enlarge)
It is impossible to tell about all the impressions in this short story. Too much companies dealing (or not!) with Internet or communications (among the latest I would like to mention the "Aqua Logo" - all-sized fish aquarium production company) were presented there. New reviews and articles have to be expected at the exhibitioner's Internet sites and in a hot of computer press.
Dear friends! You are free to ask any questions, to make any additions, corrections, inform about misprints, etc. - you are always welcome! Waiting for your e-mail messages, for the notes at our Guestbook and looking for interesting discussions in our Chat.
Olezhka II (with the help of CIPDS Content-group). October 7, 2000.
*   *   *
The version of this review is published at the MTU-Intel Technical Support Group web-site.
(November 27, 2000)
Translation from Russian:   © CIPDS, October 12, 2000.

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